Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tutorial - Christmas Easel Cards

Thank you to everyone who visited during the Inkspirations Christmas Blog Hop (my post is HERE) & thank you all for the lovely comments.  I had a few requests for tutorials on my projects, so here is the first one on the featured easel cards.  I will post the acetate tube tutorial after Christmas (which is only a couple of sleeps away - eeek!!)

I hope the instructions are clear - I've added lots of photos (which you can click on to make larger) along the way!  If you have any queries, please drop me a comment or an email.  :)

BTW, here is a LINK to Amy Rysavy's tutorial on the glitter filled, glass baubles (& yes, you use a LOT of glitter!!)


You will need:-

2 white CS circles - 8cm (3.1/8”) across
2 coloured CS circles - 8.5cm (3.3/8”) across
2 SU Medium Jewellery Tag shapes punched from metallic CS
1 Brad (Split Pin)
1 Self-Adhesive Rhinestone or similiar
40cm (16.1/4”) Organza Ribbon

Piercing Tool or needle

Stamp Sentiment on lower half of one white circle.  Adhere stamped white circle onto a coloured circle.  

Score the other white circle along centre & 1cm (3/8”) from one edge (parallel to centre score).   
Crease folds & place adhesive in the smallest section.  

Flip the scored panel over, so the adhesive section is facing downward, & fold the centre crease back upwards, so you are now looking at a semi-circle shape.  Align the top edge of your semi-circle with the top edge of your circular sentiment panel & adhere.

This is what it will look like from the side.   

Place adhesive on the semi-circle.   

Decorate your remaining coloured circle.  I have stamped & clear embossed, & then sponged around the edges with ink, to give some dimension. Adhere one of the Jewellery Tag Punch shapes to the top of your coloured circle.  Adhere the second Jewellery Tag Punch shape to the other side of the circle to give a neat finish.  Pierce a hole in the bottom part of the Jewellery Tag Punch shape, going through all three layers. 

Poke a brad through the centre of your ribbon & then through the pierced hole & secure at back. 

Here is the back view.  

With the right side up, tie a bow in your ribbon & trim ends.

Now this is the tricky bit to show & explain without having an extra pair of hands to take the photo! :)

Have the base section of your bauble sitting right way up in front of you.  Take your decorated top section & carefully line this up over the base section, working at the bottom edge.  Once you are confident it is straight & centred, apply pressure to the decorated panel, working from bottom to top to make it adhere to the base section.

Add an element (I have used a stick on rhinestone) in the centre of your base section for the top panel to rest against when the card is open.

Here is a photo of what the card looks like open from both the front & back.


You will need:-

1 coloured CS circle for plate - 10cm (4”) across
1 coloured CS circle for upright behind pudding - 8cm (3.1/8”) across
1 coloured CS circle for pudding - 8cm (3.1/8”) across
1 coloured CS circle for custard topping - 8.5cm (3.3/8”) across
Metallic CS for spoon (oops, forgot to put that in the photo!)
Scraps of green CS for holly leaves
Red Button

A teaspoon to trace around
Scallop Edge Scissors
Speckle Stamp
Fine Detail Stamp for Plate

On the reverse side of your metallic cardstock, trace around spoon & cut out with scissors.  

Prepare all other elements - Freehand cut leaves from green cardstock with scallop edge scissors & sponge edges.  Crease leaves.
Stamp Pudding Circle with speckle stamp & sponge edges.
Trim bottom edge of Topping Circle in a wavy pattern & sponge edges.
Stamp a pattern around edge of Plate Circle & sponge edges.  You can also sponge your plate so it has a “rim”, by using a scrap of cardstock in the centre of the plate as a mask to sponge around.

Score the Upright (8cm) Circle along centre & 1cm (3/8”) from one edge (parallel to centre score).  Crease folds & place adhesive in the smallest section. 

With the adhesive side down, centre the Upright Circle on the Plate Circle & adhere.   

Fold the centre crease back upwards, so the upright becomes a semi-circle shape & add adhesive.  

Here is a side view.   

Adhere the Pudding Circle to the Upright Circle, aligning the edges.  

Adhere the Topping Section to the Pudding Circle.  Add leaves & button.   

Very gently, run the spoon between your thumb & forefinger to create an upward curve in the bowl part & a downward curve in the handle.  

Work out where you would like your pudding & spoon to sit, then add a dimensional under the bowl part of the spoon to attach it to the plate & hold the pudding section up.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish every one a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year!

Helen x