Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog Award Thank Yous

Well, I have been one lucky girl over recent weeks & have had a little collection of Blog Awards find their way to my inbox.

The Stylish Blogger award has been sent my way by these lovely ladies:-

Kim Singdahlsen at Joyful Creations with Kim

Makeesha Byl at Inkspirations

Nikki Spencer at My Sandbox  (BTW, Nikki has just joined the DT at JAI - Congratulations Nikki!)

Fiona Harrison at Inkurable Krafter
& I have also been sent the Leibster Blog award by Christine Blain at Happy Heart Cards (who is also very lovely & I have had the pleasure of meeting IRL).

I would like to say a really big "thank you" for this recognition to each & everyone of you, & to thank you also for the inspiration, ideas & techniques you provide on your wonderful blogs as well as for your lovely comments.

The Stylish Blogger Award requires that I tell you 8-10 things about myself & then forward the award on, so here goes with the possibly damning information:-
  1. I am allergic to bees.  I had a couple of nasty bites & reactions as a kid, so now I keep my distance from them.
  2. I think I am allergic to housework (unfortunately this is yet to be medically proven, lol.)
  3. I am a totally messy crafter but I like everything stored away & out of sight when I'm done.
  4. I've loved paper & rubber stamps since I was young - a trip to the stationers/newsagent was much more exciting than a trip to the toyshop.
  5. I am a reformed Chocoholic....  (over 2 months & counting!!)
  6. I love Pixar animated movies & have the whole collection.
  7. H2 comes from my initials.  I was called H at work & when I moved workplaces to one which already had a Helen (known as H), whose surname also started with H, I was christened H2.  :)
  8. My parents ingrained in me that "if I was going to do something, to do it properly", which now equates to me being totally AR about things....  (eg. I have serious trouble coping with anything crooked!)
  9. I am an accredited Semen Handler - bet I've got you thinking now!!  (Think dairy industry!  Think cows!  I have even handled a few frozen equine embryos in my time.)
  10. I have an awesome family - My darling hubby is totally supportive of my papercrafting addiction, my wonderful son accepts it & my gorgeous daughter joins me in it.   :)
Phew, now that wasn't too scary for me (or you I hope)!

Now seeing as it has taken me a while to pass on these awards, & I definitely would have given them to the ladies above, but they have beaten me to it, I have decided to pass on the Liebster Blog to some ladies you might not have heard of yet.

The Liebster Blog which translates, from German, into "Dearest Blog" is designed to bring attention to new blogs, or blogs with fewer than 300 followers.  

I would like to give this award to three bloggers who I have come across playing in the Inkspirations Challenges.  They are either fledgling blogs, or blogs that have a small group of followers.  I have also chosen these bloggers as they either haven't received an award in a while, or have not had this lovely honour bestowed upon them as yet.  I hope they get a kick out of receiving this award.

Please make sure you go & check out the work of these very talented ladies:-

Diane Barnes at Colour Me Happy
Sarah Milbourne at Sarah's Stamping Style &
Suzanne Barnard at Suzie's Papercraft

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Helen  (aka H2)  :)